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Acquisition Diligence


Capital markets becoming more efficient and an oversupply of equity/debt create a need for focused diligence approach to each opportunity...


  • Quick-look and perspective to determine interest

  • Build an edge to differentiate as the ideal partner for attractive assets

  • Deliver ‘certainty of close’ by demonstrating market understanding

  • Deep diligence engagement to fully vet and explore opportunity

  • Enter ownership period with best-in-class management and BOD

Sector Thesis Development


The modern definition of a "Proprietary Deal" is that there are 3-4 interested parties.  Instead of waiting for inbound opportunities and catching up to the market, we believe that proactive engagement in sectors of interest is a valuable patch to building a thesis which leads to investment. 


  • Proactively build a thesis to identify/track most compelling targets

  • Prioritize sectors of interest to find backable executives

  • Tradeshow meeting and walk-through facilitation

  • Alignment with senior executives who actively search for opportunities

Portfolio Initiatives


Once a platform is acquired the real work begins.  Optimizing the C-suite, Board of Directors, and corporate strategy are key differentiators in achieving +3x returns.  We bring our resources to help build tremendous value post-close.


  • BOD and C-Suite searches

  • Corporate strategy development

  • Market expansion

  • Cost management

  • Exit preparation 

Unique insights. Long-term industry relationships.


Sometimes killing a deal quickly is the best outcome. In other cases it's imperative to develop a differentiated investment thesis that can drive superior returns.  Across the entire investment spectrum, from sourcing to exit, we seek to fuel value creation.

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